The Temple

The Temple

1 Corinthians 6:19

Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God? You are not your own,

Matthew 21:12-14

And Jesus entered the temple and drove out all who sold and bought in the temple, and he overturned the tables of the money-changers and the seats of those who sold pigeons. He said to them, “It is written, ‘My house shall be called a house of prayer,’ but you make it a den of robbers.” And the blind and the lame came to him in the temple, and he healed them.

Your Body is considered the temple of the Lord.  When Jesus came into the Temple in Jerusalem he cleared it out or cleaned it.  When Jesus comes into your heart (His temple) he cleans it out or clears it.  After He clears it and gets all the junk out, He then begins to heal you.  You were blind and lame to who Jesus is until He came in and cleaned you up and healed you.  People are always saying things like…”When I get myself cleaned up, then I will come to Jesus.”  There is nothing you can do to clean yourself up.  Only Jesus can clean you up and make you worthy.

Ezekiel 36:26

And I will give you a new heart, and a new spirit I will put within you. And I will remove the heart of stone from your flesh and give you a heart of flesh.

When Christ comes in there is a peace and a contentment in you that you never had before.  He gives you a new heart and a new mind.  You become a new creature in Christ Jesus.


The Gospel

A video about the Gospel of Christ.

Christian music

I am probably going to make a lot of people mad at me but I just can’t help it.  When a true Christ following Christian sees something that is called “Christian” and yet has nothing at all to do with Christ, something has to be said.  I admit that I may not be the one to say anything on this subject and if you disagree with my take on this subject that is totally fine with me.  If you think I am judging then so be it.

Jhn 7:24 Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment.

judge in the Greek is krino which means : to pronounce an opinion concerning right and wrong

righteous in the Greek is diakaios which means :  rendering to each his due and that in a judicial sense, passing just judgment on others, whether expressed in words or shown by the manner of dealing with them.

A Psalm is a sacred song or hymn.  David was a psalmist.  He wrote songs to the LORD about the LORD.  With that being said, I do not think that Punk Rock music is Christian at all.

To be Christian or call yourself or your music Christian is to say that you are Christ-like.  David the Psalmist was a man after God’s own heart.

Christian means:  decent, respectable. pertaining to or derived from Jesus Christ or His teachings.

Punk Rock means:  a type of rock-n-roll characterized by loud, insistent music and abusive or violent protest  lyrics, and whose performers and followers are distinguished by extremes of dress and socially defiant behavior.

I can not see my Lord having a type of music that is loud and insistent with abusive or violent protest lyrics.  I also can not and do not read any of David’s Psalms (music) as being that way.  When I think of Christ my Savior, I do not think of someone gyrating around wearing skinny jeans and yelling into a microphone!  I do not see Him flinging His head back and forth in a head banging motion.

It is time that the true Christ following Christians rise up and let the world know that God is a HOLY God and He can not and will not look upon sin.  It is time that we stop sugar coating our words so that we don’t offend others.  Christ is offensive to those walking in darkness.  The true word of God is offensive to those walking in darkness.  It is time that so-called preachers actually get a hold of God and seek His wisdom in what should be said in the pulpit.  It is time we have a true movement of God in this world.

2Ch 7:14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

Only when we humble ourselves and pray and seek His face and turn from our wicked ways, THEN He will hear from heaven.  We are a Christian nation yet we do not act like it.  Everyone goes about doing their own thing and doing what is right in their own eyes, but does anyone ever ask God if it is right in His eyes?   Keep your eyes focused on God and His ways, not ours.  We are frail humans and we mess up constantly.  God will never fail and His ways are perfect.

The human head is a functioning member of the body.  When I started this study, I looked up the function of the head.  Your head holds your brain and 4 of your 5 senses are connected to it.  If you had no head, you have no brain.  The brain monitors and controls the human body.  No head, No brain.  No brain, no life.  With that being said, let’s dive in shall we.

1 Corinthians 11:3

But I want you to understand that the head of every man is Christ, the head of a wife is her husband, and the head of Christ is God.

Ephesians 5:23

For the husband is the head of the wife even as Christ is the head of the church, His body, and is Himself its Savior.


Now you may stop reading after this because most women don’t like the next verse.  As a matter of fact, I didn’t like this verse much before until recently.  🙂

Ephesians 5:22

Wives submit to your own husbands, as to the Lord.

This does not mean that you don’t have a brain or an opinion of your own.  If you knew what your husband will have to answer to at the end of his life you wouldn’t think submitting is that bad a thing.  Your husband must answer for you, the kids and himself.  Your husband IS the head just as Christ is the head of the church.

James 4:7

Submit yourselves therefore to God.  Resist the devil and he will flee from you.

If you are in submission to God, then being in submission to your husband should be, and is the same.  A husband that is truly a Christ following Christian, will not rule with an iron fist.  He will be just like Christ.  Christ rules in love.  He lives in each one of us.  If Christ truly lives in us, then His love is truly in us and loving others thru us.  He helps us doesn’t hurt us.  Our husband will be the same way.  The line of succession in my home is as follows:

God/Christ     my husband   me    the children

This does not mean that I love my children less.  When the home is run in God’s way, things flow smoothly.  I am also not saying that I totally 100% agree with every decision that my husband makes.  We discuss things and pray about them.  Submitting isn’t easy!  Whether you are submitting to God of your husband you are under submission.  There must be unity in the home.  If you are a true Christ following Christian and your spouse is not this is much more difficult to do.  The states that we are not to be unequally yolked.  The bible talks often about a yolk of oxen.  They are together in unity to get a job done.  Think of you and your husband as a team of oxen that God has put together to get a job done.  If one of you is an ox and the other a cow, they are not the same size and they don’t walk the same.  They are unequally yolked.  They can not efficiently work together to get the job done that God has for you to accomplish.

Genesis 1:27

So God created man in His own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.

Men and women were created in the images of God.  We each have gifts and talents given to us by God.  We each also have our place in the family/home.  Unless you are a single mom, you are NOT the head of the home.  It took me a long time to come to terms with that statement.  I am selfish.  I have to have things my way or I am not happy.  This is NOT Christ-like, NOT Christian at all.  My husband is the head of our home.  I submit to my husband because I can trust him.  I trust him because I trust the ONE that leads him, Jesus Christ, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

If you look at your marriage like this:

God the Father    =      Husband

God the Son       =     Wife

God the Father and God the Son are equal in diety, but each has their role.  Husband and wife are equal in personhood, but we each have our different roles in the marriage and in the home.

Your husband carries a heavy wight, let’s not add to it by not acting like Christ.


Idol is a big word for just being 4 little letters. Not many people think about it much. In honesty, I don’t think about it much. When I do stop and think about it, it is unnerving. It makes my heart skip and sputter to think about some of the useless things that I put first in my life.

According to Webster’s and idol is a representation or a symbol of an object of worship; broadly: a false god.

When I stop to consider this simple 4 letter word, I think, I’m not as bad as the Israelites who made a golden image of a calf to worship. I also remember the commandment that states “You shall have no other gods before me” (exodus 20:3). I always think about an image when I think idol. An idol can be a person or a thing. I mean after all a calf isn’t a person. Your husband, children, job, books, your home, even your daily chores, anything you place above God and God alone is an idol. I understand loving things but if it comes before your love for God it is an idol. I absolutely LOVE spending time with my husband and getting just a few minutes to talk to him during our busy days is a gift, but if I would rather talk and spend time with my husband rather than the One who saved my soul and loves me more than any person or thing on this earth, then I have placed my husband above my God and that is an idol. If the physical needs of my children come before their spiritual needs then my priorities are NOT right. I moved thousands of miles away from everyone I know and love to attend a school/church that actually teaches the word of God and doesn’t care if they lose church members over that fact. It isn’t cotton candy that will give you cavities or just words that make you feel good and think my life isn’t so bad. No matter how much I try, I am NOT worthy of heaven. I don’t deserve it, but a spotless Lamb died in my place to save me from a life of torment and agony. For that, how could I possibly put anything or anyone above HIM? Even my children whom I love with all my heart isn’t worthy to be before Him. My children are a gift from God and not to be put before Him in anyway. My husband is a gift from God and shouldn’t be put before Him in anyway. You see, an idol doesn’t have to be an image or a statue. It could be anything/anyone that is put in place of the One true God.

I recently took a survey of my friends and asked “What is the most important thing/person in your life?” The answer I got most was God and then family. Of course people are going to say God when asked. But if you really stop and think and pray about it, would it still be God? I am by no means blasting anyone. I am mostly blasting myself. This is something that has been going thru my head for a long time. God makes things evident in our lives for a reason. He is gently urging me that something is not right and if I spend time on my knees in true worship and prayer and repentance, He will make is right. We are taught that there is a directors chair in our lives. Who is sitting in that chair.. your children, your husband, you? If God and God alone is not occupying that chair in your life you are letting the flesh rule your life. If you have an idol in your life, flesh rules in your life and not the Holy Spirit.

To quote a blog I read recently…Everyone Loves God, right? Do you love Him enough to unseat yourself or the idol that you have sitting in your director’s chair in your life?

Circumcise your Heart

Every time I hear the word circumcise it kinda makes me shudder.  Circumcise means to cut off the foreskin.  In the old testament circumcision was part of the covenant.  To set His people apart from others.

We are all born with a flesh heart.  We are all born with a desire to fulfill the lusts of the flesh.  When you come to God there is a cutting away of the flesh (circumcision) of the heart.

Philippians 3:3  For we are the circumcision, who worship by the Spirit of God and glory in Christ Jesus and put no confidence in the flesh.

Put no confidence in the flesh.  It is through God and God alone that we should put our confidence in.

Deuteronomy 30:6  And the LORD your God will circumcise your heart and the heart of your offspring, so that you will love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul, that you may live.

Romans 2:28  For no one is a Jew who is merely one outwardly, nor is circumcision outward and physical.  29.But a Jew is one inwardly, and circumcision is a matter of the heart, by the Spirit, not by the letter. His praise is not from man but from God.

Deuteronomy 10:16   Circumcise therefore the foreskin of your heart, and be no longer stubborn.  17.  For the LORD your God is God of gods and Lord of lords, the great, the mighty, and the awesome God, who is not partial and takes no bribe.

We are no longer under the old covenant but of the new.  The old covenant required daily sacrifices of  animals.  The new covenant also requires a daily sacrifice but not of animals.  The sacrifice is your flesh.  The flesh and the spirit will never get along.  They are like siblings that HATE each other and can never live in the same house.  The flesh must die and the spirit must reign in the home.  It isn’t about what you want.  It is about what God wants and what will bring Him glory.

1 Corinthians 10:31  So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.

God will never ask more from you than you can bear.  If it feels like more than you can bare He will help you carry it.  He is not a harsh task master.  His yoke is easy and His burden is light.  Circumcision of the heart sounds painful, and in a way it is.  Jesus went through so much more pain and suffering than we will probably ever know in our life time.  Are you too good or too valuable to suffering for the sake of your King?  Take up your cross and follow Him today.


Jude 1: 24

Now to Him who is able to keep you from stumbling and to present you blameless before the presence of His glory with great joy,

God has the power to keep from stumbling those who have put their faith in Him.  Let’s look at the phrase “from stumbling” or in the King James Version it says “from falling”.  The greek word there is aptaistos.  Which means  not stumbling, standing firm, exempt from falling.  By falling or stumbling it means into sin or error.  If your sin or error continues it will lead to a falling away from God.  This is known as a sinner.  Someone who lives in sin, continues to do the same thing that does not in anyway bring glory to God.  God will present the Christian blameless (without sin or stain).  If you are a professing Christian (someone who claims Christ lives in them), then you must not continue in your sin.  It will eventually lead to you falling away.  Confess to God that stumbling block in your life and He will take it from you.  There is no need for it to continuously cause you to stumble.  He is able to keep you from stumbling.

People today look on the outward appearance.  Are you clothes stained or wrinkled?  Did you apply your make-up just right?  Now granted, no one wants to leave their home in ratty old clothes but are you dressed for God when you go out?  God looks at your heart.  Is your heart wearing a sin stained garment?  Check your heart today.

Old song:

Search me O God, and know my heart today.

Cleanse me from every sin and set me free.