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Idol is a big word for just being 4 little letters. Not many people think about it much. In honesty, I don’t think about it much. When I do stop and think about it, it is unnerving. It makes my heart skip and sputter to think about some of the useless things that I put first in my life.

According to Webster’s and idol is a representation or a symbol of an object of worship; broadly: a false god.

When I stop to consider this simple 4 letter word, I think, I’m not as bad as the Israelites who made a golden image of a calf to worship. I also remember the commandment that states “You shall have no other gods before me” (exodus 20:3). I always think about an image when I think idol. An idol can be a person or a thing. I mean after all a calf isn’t a person. Your husband, children, job, books, your home, even your daily chores, anything you place above God and God alone is an idol. I understand loving things but if it comes before your love for God it is an idol. I absolutely LOVE spending time with my husband and getting just a few minutes to talk to him during our busy days is a gift, but if I would rather talk and spend time with my husband rather than the One who saved my soul and loves me more than any person or thing on this earth, then I have placed my husband above my God and that is an idol. If the physical needs of my children come before their spiritual needs then my priorities are NOT right. I moved thousands of miles away from everyone I know and love to attend a school/church that actually teaches the word of God and doesn’t care if they lose church members over that fact. It isn’t cotton candy that will give you cavities or just words that make you feel good and think my life isn’t so bad. No matter how much I try, I am NOT worthy of heaven. I don’t deserve it, but a spotless Lamb died in my place to save me from a life of torment and agony. For that, how could I possibly put anything or anyone above HIM? Even my children whom I love with all my heart isn’t worthy to be before Him. My children are a gift from God and not to be put before Him in anyway. My husband is a gift from God and shouldn’t be put before Him in anyway. You see, an idol doesn’t have to be an image or a statue. It could be anything/anyone that is put in place of the One true God.

I recently took a survey of my friends and asked “What is the most important thing/person in your life?” The answer I got most was God and then family. Of course people are going to say God when asked. But if you really stop and think and pray about it, would it still be God? I am by no means blasting anyone. I am mostly blasting myself. This is something that has been going thru my head for a long time. God makes things evident in our lives for a reason. He is gently urging me that something is not right and if I spend time on my knees in true worship and prayer and repentance, He will make is right. We are taught that there is a directors chair in our lives. Who is sitting in that chair.. your children, your husband, you? If God and God alone is not occupying that chair in your life you are letting the flesh rule your life. If you have an idol in your life, flesh rules in your life and not the Holy Spirit.

To quote a blog I read recently…Everyone Loves God, right? Do you love Him enough to unseat yourself or the idol that you have sitting in your director’s chair in your life?


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